Word Dynamics

for students who want to excel

Many English words have roots, prefixes and suffixes from Latin and Greek that are helpful building blocks for a dynamic vocabulary.

How many of these samples can you recall?

The root pel __ The prefix col __

The suffix ory __ The root port __

The prefix tele __ The suffix ist __

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Attention parents. Before you purchase WORD DYNAMICS, the developer wants you to know that he included three extra chapters that present Good News from the Bible and compelling Christian evidences.

Reading the extra chapters in this vocabulary builder is not a necessity for a student to get the benefits from planting the definitions in their memory.

But parents who purchase this book should understand that the end of several vocabulary drills will encourage the student to click a link and read one of the three extra chapters. .They are included because the developer of Word Dynamics is a former pastor and author who believes that the information in these chapters will help students have more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

When you click the link above for the samples, following the definitions and suggestions for effective use of the vocabulary drills you will also find information about the author, and his books,.

Word Dynamics does not encourage users to consider or join a church or religious organization. Those are personal decisions. But the extra chapters do encourage students to consider the compelling claims and promises made by Jesus Christ.

The extra chapters are from the Word Dynamic developer's three chapter e-book, You can have a Great Date with God – He Has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty. .The complete first chapter is in Amazon's free trial, so parents can click the link below and check it out with no obligation to make a purchase.

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3AMDIQ .

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